CUN is highly compatible with ethereum and its sdk, e.g., web3js, web3j etc,.

# Compiler

Use remix (opens new window) at web side, or solidity (opens new window) compiler at command line.


Compatible with EVM, and is friendly to Ethereum developers.

# Address generation


# Are there any Dex contract like swap which can exchange other tokens into CUNPs?

CUN has deployed the SWAP contract. You can enter the SWAP page on www.coopunion.net at multiple entries to bridge assets, including the one at the bottom of the Homepage. Apart from swap, you can also bridge ETH to CETH through CBridge on the CUN Network. Please refer to the corresponding tutorial in CUN blog.

# Cross-chain bridge to CUN?

CUN provides a cross-chain bridge for users, For your assets safety, a second verification will perform manually for all cross-chain transactions. Once verified, your account will automatically receive your cross-chain assets.

# How to get contribution point?

  • Become a verified node through election. Get contribution points by assisting CUN network operation and maintenance.
  • Get contribution points through community activities.

# Notes for contract deployment

PRC is compatible with Ethereum, available for web3.js, and friendly to Ethereum developers.

# Block confirmation

A new block generated each 3 seconds. Confirm every 20 blocks.

# Intro for Themis consensus mechanism

Similar with clique’s consensus mechanism of pos+poa, and support up to 21 validators. The mechanism is featured of low transaction cost, low transaction latency, high transaction concurrency,.

# Pruning parameter supported

--pruning is parity parameter. API of CUN follows go-ethereum, and is available to realize same function by using --gcmode archive .