# pending transaction solutions

# 1)Inappropriate nonce:

# Suggestions

  • metatask--setting-advanced--reset account


  • metatask--setting--advanced--customize transaction nonce: resend transaction with pending tx's nonce and higher gas price.

# Explanations

CUN use account-related nonce to contral transaction replay and execution order.

Only correct nonce can be uploaded in transaction. Correcr nonce value is same to eth.getTransactionCount("0xadd") .

If there are several transactions in pending status in the account intiating transactions, you need to wait until preceding ones packaged before having the current transaction packafed.

# 2)gas price low:

# Suggestions

  • Reset gas price, replace current transaction.

# Explanations

Slow response when using metamask, fetching gasprice, etc. [bug] in chrome under mac system might cause a running stuck of metamask.